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English Betting

The world has taken many interesting turns in the past but the sense of competition amongst men remains vigilant. Some played the game. Those who could not play the game used to bet on the game results and player performances to keep their interests in the game and make money out of their luck. This habit found its place in almost all parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, America and Australia. For the last five hundred years the Europeans have been ruling the world and in that English were dominant. Due to their prominent success, the habit of betting crawled its way into the daily life of the English.

A recent phenomenon is that of online betting. With the advent of the internet, punters are now able to place an online wager on any of their favourite sports, players, teams or matches. You name it, there will be an online bookmaker taking bets upon it. Even in Australia, we can bet in the international arena. Our local bookies offer such bets.


The English started betting from the time of Robin Hood. The horse racing, arrow shooting and the knight wars were the main events where all the money used to go. The bets were usually placed seeing the nature of the player, the game and the environment. Almost all the rules applicable today were also applicable at that time. But usually, all or nothing bets were placed. This habit continued until the end of the 18th century, but after that the common man also started to realize that intelligent betting is required and not just the betting.

Present situation

Football in England has a very deep impact on their society. People live for their club teams and they travel around the world for it. England on the other hand is the land of the biggest premiere league of football which is known as "Barclay’s Premiere League". The standard of betting is very high in this region for the league matches. People wait all the season to get their bets matured. The stakes are high and every match takes them closer to their money. Teams qualifying from English premiere leagues to UEFA premiere league find themselves surrounded by bets of millions of pounds.

Despite that, a lot of money is also included in the sport of cricket. Many people are also included in it. Matches and tournaments of cricket are played all round the year and so the betting continues. Horse racing also contributes a lot towards betting and there are many who spend a lot of money every year to come to England from all over the world and bet on these horse races. All this not only benefits the individuals but also increases revenues for the government.

Some of the shortfalls of the English betting are that the English go all in, for almost all the cases. Going all in means that you are ready to loose everything. The other biggest mistake is their love for football and their clubs. Most of the time the bet is on the club with which they are affiliated. In the rules of betting it is not the case. You have to do the research and then you can put in your money.

Online betting

The number of matches going in the leagues are so many that it is very difficult to keep a track on them, so websites provide complete schedule of the games and also the complete statistics of the players, along with recent past records of the teams. This does not only allow keeping the track of the league but also helps the punters to bet on the right team in any match. The online betting sites also help in the betting problems like making an entry and changing the entries. No paper work is required and within half an hours study of the net you can easily come to the conclusion about the odds. The betting is again a game of luck and on your lucky day if you have bet on the most unlikely team, it can win. But it is not so in every case because luck favours prepared minds.

The game of football, also known as soccer, has its roots in England and the people over there are masters of betting. They know the folds and turns of the game. Seeing their betting routines, betting records and available websites, Australians can also take advantage. Because the knowledge is provided on the internet, anyone who has the urge to gain from it can go and understand the English way of betting. There are also many Australian-based websites available on the internet for the English premiere league. So if you want to bet while in Australia, it is not difficult to register and get started. You will find that placing a bet online is one of the most convenient and straightforward activities you would have done all year.